½ Chihuahua, ½ Italian Greyhound

Louie is a true couch potato! He has small bursts of energy where he displays his Italian Greyhound running skills, but the rest of the day he enjoys lounging in the sun or going back to bed and getting under the covers. Louie loves to be held like a baby and stares lovingly into your eyes. He has the most adorable prance when he is happy. Louie's adoption story, and his paperwork given to Karen by the shelter, inspired Karen's first book, The Little Blue Dog. There are three books in The Little Blue Dog series for kids.

½ Chihuahua, ½ Rat Terrier

Ainsley is Louie's best friend. They love to be together all the time. Ainsley is an expert squirrel hunter and is in charge of security. She keeps everyone safe from the dreaded UPS man, as well as joggers and bikers going past the yard. She loves people and is a bit of a rascal, finding trouble wherever she goes. She is personality plus and so lovable.


Roxie is pure, quiet joy. She follows Karen around the house and is extremely loyal. She has her own special bed next to Karen's desk. She loves to accompany Karen on classroom visits, riding in her stroller and teaching kids about animal kindness. Roxie has many fans and makes friends wherever she goes. She is a sweet and gentle soul. Roxie is a certified Canine Good Citizen and is training for her Therapy Dogs International certification.

Rat Terrier

Tucker is a perfect gentleman. He is very active and loves to be outside chasing lizards and squirrels. He will sniff and smell every part of the yard, running from tree to tree. When he's back inside, he curls up in his bed and watches Karen work. He is well mannered, gentle, perfect with dogs, cats, kids, on the leash, in the car, and in any situation. Tucker loves his toys! Tucker and his joyful spirit inspired Karen's book A Terrier's Tale. Much like the character in the story, the real-life Tucker was out of time at the county shelter and in serious danger of being put down. Tucker is training for his therapy certification through Therapy Dogs International.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Mackie is the least dog-like dog of the bunch. He prefers lounging by the pool, the occasional swim, a spa day and being hand-fed his favorite foods over any other activities. He is not shy about letting Karen know just what he wants. Mackie is so unbelievably adorable it's safe to say he is spoiled and loved beyond words. He loves a trip to the beach, but his favorite place is home, and he loves activities that keep his humans home, too!


Cinnabon is an adorable, 6-lb. Chihuahua with an extra-cuddly, thick, soft coat. Cinnabon was rescued from a puppy mill with 80 other dogs in South Florida. She spent the first 3 years of her life in a cage where she was used as a breeder dog. Her puppies were sold to pet stores for profit while she suffered a life of neglect. But that is all behind her now! Cinnabon will know a life of love, car rides, cookies and cozy naps in the sun from now on. She has a sweet, calm personality with a silly, playful side. Karen calls her a "velcro dog" because she follows her everywhere. Cinnabon reminds us to NEVER buy a dog from a pet store. Please choose to ADOPT when adding a pet to your family.


Miss Macy Marshmallow is a tiny Chihuahua with a heart of gold. Sweet as can be, Macy stole Karen's heart at a local rescue. At 6 lbs. and 8 years old, Macy waddled into Karen's home and settled in as if she had always been there. She is an expert lap warmer and snuggle partner. Macy's gentle demeanor makes her perfect for classroom visits with well-behaved students. She wants to show the world that older dogs still have plenty of love and life left to share. Karen's heart is overflowing with gratitude to be able to welcome this little girl into her family.

Domestic Long-haired Cat

Mia is the only cat of the family, and at 16 years old, she is the golden girl. Mia has been with Karen since she was a tiny kitten and she has lived in five different houses with her in two different states. She purrs loudly, loves catnip, being brushed and meows when it’s time for dinner. Her favorite spot to nap is in her window seat with the breeze blowing on her.



Long-haired Chihuahua

Jackson is the boss of the pack! He is in charge and lets everyone know it. He loves people, going for rides in the golf cart, playing fetch by the pool and bossing around his siblings. Jackson is incredibly intelligent and knows tricks and games, some of which he made up himself. He is lovable and fun and gives the best doggie greetings.

Sadly Jackson passed away on July 4th, 2015 from heart disease. His joyful spirit will never be forgotten.

Terrier Mix

Zoey, a sweet little scruffy terrier mix, was only part of Karen's family for 3 months, but she made a giant impact on her heart. Despite her sad past, Zoey was cheerful, happy, and had a bouncy spring in her step. She stole Karen's heart from the first second they met at an adoption event. Zoey had recently recovered from a terrible demodex infection in her skin, and she was also heartworm positive. Seeing past her illness, Karen wanted to make Zoey part of her family so she could experience unconditional love. Zoey may be gone, but her sweet, silly personality, floppy ears and optimistic outlook will never, ever be forgotten.