Just for Kids

Have fun with Louie and his friends!
Complete the following Little Blue Dog activities designed just for kids.

Follow Louie along the path.
Start with Number 1 and see where Louie goes from there!

Louie loves getting fan mail from kids just like you! Email to ask him questions or to tell him about you and your pets!

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Click on the links below to view and download pages from Karen's books. Print & color!

From the book
The Little Blue Dog:

Make artwork of your pets, Louie & friends, or an image showing kindness toward animals. Then, take a photo and email it to Louie and he'll add it to the Kids' Art page. Or, send it to Louie in the mail. Click here for his address!

Click on the links below to learn some fun facts about animals:

1- Bees & Grasshoppers

2- Foxes & Rabbits

3- Octopi & Snails

4- Pigs & Bears