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The impact on literacy achieved simply by having books in the home is profound!

Karen in the classroomThe following information and study is from

If current trends continue, 6.6 million low-income children from birth through age 8 are at increased risk of failing to graduate from high school on time because they won't be able to meet proficient reading level by the end of 3rd grade, according to a KIDS COUNT special report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The report examines the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading tests for 2009 finds that 83% of children from low-income families and 85% of low-income students who attend high-poverty schools, fail to reach the proficient level of reading in 4th grade.

Sociologist Mariah Evans, University of Nevada, Reno Associate Professor of Sociology and Resource Economics, led the 20-year study. She asked, "What kinds of investments should we be making to help these kids get ahead?" Evans said, "The results of this study indicate that getting some books into their homes is an inexpensive way that we can help these children succeed."

The Little Blue DogEvans went on to say, "Even a little bit goes a long way," in terms of the number of books in a home. Having as few as 20 books in the home still has a significant impact on propelling a child to a higher level of education, and the more books you add, the greater the benefit.

"You get a lot of 'bang for your book'," she said. "It's quite a good return-on-investment in a time of scarce resources."