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We are passionate about promoting adoption, and take an active role in animal rescue by organizing adoption events, transporting rescued dogs and financially supporting the vetting and rehabilitation of rescued dogs working their way towards adoptability.

The Little Blue Dog, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization.

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Through our Donate a Book program, we support literacy while spreading a positive message of animal kindness. In addition, when you purchase Karen's books, 100% of the profit is used directly for helping animals in need.

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Adorable Chipper was out of time at a high kill shelter in the Tampa, FL area. With a large growth on his leg and a mouth full of rotten teeth, he wasn't a dog anyone was willing to take a chance on. The Little Blue Dog sprang into action, networking to have him pulled from the shelter, transported and eventually vetted. With the help of five other compassionate women dedicated to animal rescue, Chipper's very worthy life was saved. The growth was removed from his leg, and after an extensive dental, Chipper has nine remaining teeth and a constantly wagging nubby tail. He is being fostered through Ratbone Rescue, a breed rescue dedicated to saving Rat Terriers. Chipper's personality can only be described as stellar. He is happy and easygoing. He instantly loves everyone, both 2- and 4-legged. He is a perfect gentleman.

Livvy is a young Miniature Pinscher that ended up at Miami-Dade Animal Control, a high-kill facility. She was adopted but never vetted and her upper respiratory infection got worse. The original adopters sold her on Craigslist shortly after, and again, she was not vetted. These new people put her back on Craigslist and with the help of several animal rescue friends, we convinced them to surrender her to rescue instead of selling her again. By this time poor Livvy was in bad shape. She spent 2 weeks in quarantine being treated with nebulizers and medicine to get her infection under control. We are happy to report that after being bounced around, Livvy is now healthy and ready for her forever home. She is Miss Social Butterfly, well-mannered, trained, and instant friends with everyone and anyone she meets. She is being fostered through Get a Life Pet Rescue, where Karen is a board member.

When a known breeder/hoarder was visited by Animal Control on a routine check, they instantly surrendered five chihuahuas in various stages of neglect. Due to overcrowding, the dogs needed immediate rescue from the high-kill shelter. Four of the dogs went to Get a Life Pet Rescue, and the fifth went to another local rescue. The younger dogs were being used for breeding, one female still had milk from her last litter, and the young boy was not neutered. Another was missing part of her lower jaw from her teeth being so badly neglected. And the last was a very underweight senior, with cataracts, a gray face and curled-over nails. The Little Blue Dog helped sponsor the dogs, and the senior, named Lanie, is now being fostered by Karen. Thankfully the others have been vetted and adopted, but Lanie is patiently waiting for her forever home. She is welcomed and loved at The Little Blue Dog for as long as she needs, but we are hoping someone will step up for this very sweet senior. Karen strongly advocates for the adoption of senior and "at risk" dogs, knowing they are often passed up, yet have so much love to give.

Frankie was completely out of time at Broward County Animal Care and Control. A very kind volunteer made a final plea to the public with a video of him. The Little Blue Dog has an immense fondness of Rat Terrier's after saving Tucker, one of Karen's personal dogs from death row at the same facility years before. After securing a foster for Frankie through Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue, Karen had the pleasure of springing him from the shelter and giving him his freedom ride! Frankie made a stop at the groomer, and was vetted, both sponsored by The Little Blue Dog. This lovable, friendly, goofy, happy guy was adopted by a very nice couple at his first adoption event. He knew just how to work the crowd with his sparkling personality, and instead of his life being needlessly ended at the scary shelter, Frankie got a second chance and a fresh start. This is why we do what we do!

When a known puppy mill became overwhelmed and wanted to surrender the dogs they no longer had use for, Get a Life Pet Rescue stepped in to take nine of the 60 discarded dogs. The dogs were living outside in crates on a porch in the Florida weather. They were not given heartworm prevention and were used to breed puppies to be sold for profit. Many were emaciated, suffering from neglect, poor nutrition and lack of access to clean water. Thankfully, the dogs have been vetted, rehabilitated and have found new forever homes. Karen's personal dog Cinnabon was adopted after being liberated from this terrible situation. Cinnabon is a happy, healthy, joyful little dog and a cherished member of Karen's family.

The Little Blue Dog proudly organizes, volunteers for and supports adoption events year-round. From weekend events at local Petcos to various venues with holiday themes, fundraisers, pet photography, and large-scale community events with multiple rescues, Karen is happy to help hold dogs, answer questions about adoptable dogs, provide raffle items, and participate on many different levels. Being hands-on and involved with the dogs is such a special way to contribute to animal rescue. Without volunteers rescue cannot happen, and there are just too many deserving dogs that are waiting for their chance. Please make the humane choice of adoption when adding a pet to your family! Support your local rescue, donate, volunteer, foster and adopt!


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Thank you for caring! Thank you for donating!
Together we can make a difference!